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Coalition statement on mass shootings in Atlanta and Boulder

Last week eight lives were lost to gun violence in Atlanta. Yesterday, ten more people were shot and killed in Boulder. Our hearts are with all who have been touched by the trauma of gun violence, and we send our deepest condolences to the families, friends, and communities of those killed in these recent shootings.

As we mourn those lost in these mass shootings, we are also very aware that every day people die as a result of gun violence in cities across the country. Rates of gun violence in urban communities have only increased during the pandemic. Given the sharp increase in gun sales during 2020, we are very concerned about what’s to come. We must take action, and we must do so now.

As the US Senate convenes a hearing on gun violence prevention today, we call on our national leaders to commit to comprehensive action to mitigate the public health crisis that is gun violence. We must pass legislation, robustly fund research on gun violence causes and remedies, and invest in community based programs working to disrupt cycles of violence in cities across the country. We must take meaningful steps to stop the proliferation of guns, address white supremacy, and support the communities most impacted by the trauma of gun violence.

While it is too late to save the lives lost in Atlanta and Boulder this week, future gun violence is not a foregone conclusion. It is preventable. At the MA Coalition to Prevent Gun Violence we are committed to doing everything we can to take action, and we hope that our national leaders will do the same.

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