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Recent News

"Gun violence prevention coalition outlines agenda"

Sam Drysdale, State House News Service/WWLP, 3/9/23

"At Least 11 Hurt in Separate Shootings in Boston Overnight Into July 4"
Kirsten Glavin, Thea DiGiammerino and Brian Burnell, NBC Boston, 7/5/22

"March for Our Lives rallies in Boston and nationwide amid call for tough gun controls"
Andrew Brinker, Samantha J. Gross, Diti Kohli and Alexander Thompson, Boston Globe, 6/11/22

"‘Republicans are owned by them’: Gun lobby unmoved despite mass shootings"
 Brian MacQuarrie and Travis Andersen, Boston Globe, 5/26/22

"‘Red flag’ gun bill used just six times last year"

Shira Schoenberg, Commonwealth Magazine, 1/6/22

"Steps a city can take to help prevent gun violence" 

Ruth Zakarin, Juanita Batchelor, MassLive, 5/13/21

"A new day, maybe, for gun control"

Ruth Zakarin, Boston Globe Opinion, 2/21/21

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