The Massachusetts Coalition to Prevent Gun Violence was founded in 2013 after the tragic shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut. As an umbrella organization, the Coalition brings together organizations and institutions across MA to address the epidemic of gun violence that plagues our communities and takes the lives of so many of our citizens, in suburbs, in rural areas, and certainly in cities. Through education, advocacy and holding those in power accountable, we will bring about change that will lessen the likelihood of someone you love becoming a victim of gun violence.


With the significant leadership of our allies in the MA legislature, our work coalesced in the passing of comprehensive gun legislation in the summer of 2014. And we continue to work from a variety of angles, to address the many dimensions of this epidemic.

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Defending existing gun safety laws and opposing state and national efforts to undermine them
Ensuring complete implementation of the 2014 gun law
Advocating for further legislation that will keep guns out of the hands of individuals that are a danger to themselves or others.
Supporting and promoting primary prevention work, since gun violence often has roots in economic disparity
Working to secure state budget funding for research on gun violence prevention
Supporting and promoting the work of individual Coalition member groups

The Massachusetts gun laws are the most effective in the nation. Massachusetts has

the lowest gun death rate

of any state in America.

Current Legislative Priorities

The Coalition Supports:

S.1292 – An Act Relative to Data Collection on Multiple Gun Purchases (Sen. Creem)

· aims to track illegal trafficking of firearms used in crime by gathering information and statistics relating to the number of multiple-gun purchases by one person and whether any were used in a crime, and analyzing data on whether licensees who purchased guns used in a crime purchased other guns that year

The Coalition Opposes:

H.763 - An Act Relative to Firearm Suppressor Safety (Rep. Cutler)

H.789 – An Act Relative to Noise Reduction Devices (Rep. Frost)

S.1317 – An Act Relative to Suppressors (Sen. Humason)


S.1340 – An Act Relative to Suppressors (Sen. Moore)

· Lifts the Massachusetts ban on silencers

S.1326 – An Act Clarifying Firearms Oversight (Sen. Humason)

· Removes Ch. 93A authority of the Attorney General relating to firearms

S.1365 – An Act to Protect Law Abiding Citizens and Strengthen Public Safety (Sen. Tarr)

· Prohibits the Attorney General from prosecuting assault weapon copycat purchases and sales that took place prior to July 2016