The Massachusetts gun laws are the most effective in the nation. Massachusetts has

the lowest gun death rate

of any state in America.

Current Legislative Priorities

The Coalition Supports:

S.1292 – An Act Relative to Data Collection on Multiple Gun Purchases (Sen. Creem)

· aims to track illegal trafficking of firearms used in crime by gathering information and statistics relating to the number of multiple-gun purchases by one person and whether any were used in a crime, and analyzing data on whether licensees who purchased guns used in a crime purchased other guns that year

The Coalition Opposes:

H.763 - An Act Relative to Firearm Suppressor Safety (Rep. Cutler)

H.789 – An Act Relative to Noise Reduction Devices (Rep. Frost)

S.1317 – An Act Relative to Suppressors (Sen. Humason)


S.1340 – An Act Relative to Suppressors (Sen. Moore)

· Lifts the Massachusetts ban on silencers

S.1326 – An Act Clarifying Firearms Oversight (Sen. Humason)

· Removes Ch. 93A authority of the Attorney General relating to firearms

S.1365 – An Act to Protect Law Abiding Citizens and Strengthen Public Safety (Sen. Tarr)

· Prohibits the Attorney General from prosecuting assault weapon copycat purchases and sales that took place prior to July 2016

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