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Action Alert - crime gun data analysis budget advocacy

Massachusetts legislators are in the middle of creating the state's budget for the coming fiscal year. Legislators can include provisions in the budget to amend or create new laws. We have the opportunity to move one of our longest standing legislative priorities forward, H.2437 /S.1562, An Act relative to crime gun data reporting and analysis, sponsored by Rep. Decker and Sen. Creem.

Rep. Decker has filed budget amendment #518, which contains the language of H.2437/S.1256. The amendment will implement the provisions of the original bill if it is included in the final budget, requiring the state to finally analyze the firearm data that we have been collecting since 2014, so that we can better understand how guns are ending up in our communities. This will ensure that Massachusetts remains a leader in evidence-based gun violence prevention policy. Learn more about H.2437 /S.1562 here.

Now we need your help! Here's what we need you to do:

  • Find your state representative's contact info here.

  • Check to see if your legislator is a cosponsor of the amendment. You can see a list of cosponsors at the bottom of the amendment text. (To see the amendment text, click on "518" in the amendment column. Scroll down to see cosponsors).

  • If your legislator is a cosponsor of the amendment email them to thank them for their support.

  • If your legislator is not a cosponsor, email them to tell them that you support amendment #518 and ask them to cosponsor.

  • Provide a brief description of what the amendment would do.

  • Thank your legislator for their time, and provide your full name and address so they know you live in their district.

It's that simple! Your advocacy makes a real difference, legislators need to hear from their constituents on why they care about an issue. We've provided sample language below, but personalized outreach is always most effective.

Dear Representative _____,

I am writing as your constituent to ask you to cosponsor amendment #518, which would require that the state analyze firearm data that has been already been collected to better understand how guns are ending up in our communities. This will ensure that MA remains a leader in evidence-based gun violence prevention.

Thank you for your time.


First and last name

Home address

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