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Shooting For The Stars: “Brockton Multicultural Christmas Concert”

Tis’ the season for music, cheer, and uplifting our communities! As we close out 2021 and celebrate the joyous Holiday Season, Angelica joined fellow Brocktonains in a multicultural Christmas concert to highlight current gun violence prevention efforts. This event titled Shooting for The Stars was brought to the community by Inclusion Family Counseling Center, INC. Host and Executive Director, Adriano Cabral provided translation services for the event in both English and Cape Verdean Creole. The event highlighted local talent of all ages from a karate demonstration, live band, and several singers. The curated performers brought out a lively show, performing both holiday and modern-day pop songs in both English and Cape Verdean Creole. The evening uplifted the personal achievements and accomplishments of each performer and collective. They are the following:

  • Brockton youth Karate group

  • Shantel C - BHS Alum, Sophomore at Berklee College of Music

  • Elisa Cabral - BHS Alum, Master’s degree Critical Ethnic Studies

  • Lily Djay - A Nursing Ph.D. candidate

  • Crystal Tavares - BHS Alum

  • Kimberly - BHS Alum, Recording artist

The evening opened up a vital conversation on reimagining public safety and the need to reinvest in our community. The event asked community members to provide feedback regarding the issue of gun violence. Manny Daphnis, Brockton Gun Violence Prevention Coalition Coordinator at the Old Colony YMCA started the dialogue around current GVP efforts and how the Brockton GVP Coalition can advance its work of prevention throughout the City. Following Tony Rodrigues, Ward 4 School Committee Member spoke about current challenges facing BPS and specifically BHS and how we can correct this for our youth through staffing, family engagement, and encouraging youth to seek out programming.

At the Coalition we continuously work to envision a world where every one of us, in every zip code, lives free from the threat of gun violence. We look forward to our continued work with our Brockton member organizations through uplifting and supporting community needs and efforts. Each year we are one step closer to this goal!


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