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Action Alert! Gun Violence Prevention Can't Wait!

There are only 3 months left in the legislative session but gun violence prevention can't wait. Help us keep up the momentum for the omnibus gun violence prevention bill by contacting your legislators today to let them know this is a top priority for you.

We've created an email template for you to easily fill out to let your legislators know that passing the omnibus gun violence prevention bill is an urgent priority for you, and to ask them to contact members of the conference committee to share their support for the bill. Please feel free to customize this email if you would like to share a personal story or reason for your commitment to gun violence prevention. Use this link to contact your legislators today.

If your legislator is a member of the conference committee, we have slightly different instructions for you. The conference committee consists of Rep. Day, Rep. McKenna, Rep. Gonzalez, Sen. Creem, Sen. Lovely, and Sen. Tarr. If your legislator is on the list, please follow the instructions at this link.

Thank you for your continued advocacy! We couldn't do this work without you.

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