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A Conversation on Urban Violence in Our Communities

Angelica spoke on a panel hosted by one of our member organizations, ROCA Inc., opening a dialogue on how violence affects communities and how we can filter our gun violence prevention efforts through a public health lens. Angelica spoke about the root causes of violence in our communities, and her work is directly influenced by the voices of our member organizations and survivors of gun violence.

To tackle the issue of gun violence we must take a multifaceted approach, ensuring that community voices are reflected in the solutions. In order to reduce gun violence, we must center our conversations around the voices of survivors and communities most impacted, while maintaining a public health lens. In keeping this conversation alive Angelica challenges folks to bring these concepts to their own homes. Collectively we should actively maintain open conversations with family, friends, school members, congregations, community members, and others on these issues. It is the responsibility of all of us to keep these conversations going and to challenge the lens through which people view this work.


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