Virtual Town Halls

Community Violence and COVID-19


A panel discussion on violence prevention before and after COVID-19 with ROCA, College Bound Dorchester, and Representative Katherine Clark. Hear about each program's model for addressing and preventing violence and how they are carrying out their mission during the pandemic.

A recording can be viewed here.

Domestic Violence and Access to Guns


Calls to domestic violence hotlines are skyrocketing in the wake of COVID-19. Hear from Suzanne Dubus, CEO of the Jeanne Geiger Crisis Center about how the recent surge in gun sales escalates risk of domestic violence injuries and homicides.

A recording can be viewed here.

Increased Gun Risk during COVID-19


Professor Matthew Miller of Northeastern University explains the intersection of guns and suicide, and why the COVID-19 related spike in gun sales is particularly dangerous.

A recording can be viewed here.