Current Legislative Priorities

Legislative Priorities March 2020

Great news: H.2045/S.1388 - An Act Relative to Crime Gun Data Reporting and Analysis, our top-priority bill this session, was reported out of committee favorably. It has moved to the House Committee on Ways and Means, one step closer to the floor for a vote. See below for ways to take action to get it across the finish line!

Two other priority bills were extended to May 12th:
H.3420/S.825: An Act to Promote Public Safety and Better Outcomes for Young Adults 
H.1383/S.1041: An Act to Enhance the Rights of Crime Victims in the Commonwealth

Let's keep the advocacy going, friends! Together, we can #EndGunViolence!

Legislative Priorities 2019

Since its formation in Jan 2013, the Coalition has worked to address gun violence in its many forms, whether suicide, homicide or accident. To address crime guns and straw trafficking, we need a better understanding of how these guns are reaching our streets- so we can stop the supply chain!In the 2014 gun bill, the Coalition worked hard to secure a provision that for the first time required that every gun recovered in crime be traced, and that trace data be aggregated in a newly created MA database.We now have five years of this critical data, and we need to know what it says!


So, our priority bill this session is H. 2045|S. 1388 “Crime Gun Trace Data Reporting and Analysis.” If passed, this law will require a detailed analysis of MA crime gun trace data to better understand the origins of crime guns— so we can stop them!

Read more about the bill here.

Budget Priorities

Increased funding for primary prevention programs to curb URBAN VIOLENCE. While school shootings receive most of the media attention, statistically they represent 1% of total gun violence in our nation. More youth, particularly youth of color, are killed in urban areas than are killed in schools. 


The Coalition has heard from our members loud and clear: while we improve our gun laws, we also need to address the root causes of urban gun violence. The opposite of violence isn’t peace; it’s opportunity. The Coalition is prioritizing programs that address these root causes in a variety of proven ways: Youth jobs, trauma response, and direct intervention with court involved and violence involved youth.


Therefore, we are advocating for the funding of the following programs in FY 2020 budget:
1. Youth Works Youth Jobs Program, 70002-0012 and 7027-0019: Administered by the Executive Office of Labor and Workforce Development
Youth Works supports subsidized jobs in non-profits for teens in 31cities throughout Massachusetts. These jobs successfully provide thousands of youth opportunities to contribute to their families and build confidence. We ask that you fund these programs at 7002-0012 to $16 million and at 7027-0019 to $5.5 million for FY2020 which will provide thousands of youth jobs.
2. Safe and Successful Youth Initiative, 4000-0005: Administered by the Executive Office of Health and Human Services
SSYI supports proven-risk youth teens that require support to be successful in a job, by providing them with counseling, mental health resources and training. We ask that you fund this program at $10 million for FY 2020, which will provide support for hundreds youth in 11 cities in MA with the highest rates of violent crime.
3. Survivors Support Services of the Louis D. Brown Peace Institute, 4513-1098: Administered by the Department of Public Health
These statewide support services for survivors of homicide include outreach services, burial assistance, grief counseling and other services; provided that funds shall be expended as grants in the aggregate amount of $300,000 for FY2020 to the Louis D. Brown Peace Institute, a community based, support organization dedicated to serving families and communities impacted by violence.