Extreme Risk Protection Orders in Massachusetts

Extreme Risk Protection Orders (ERPOs) allow family or household members to take action to keep themselves and their loved ones safe from gun violence. If you are concerned about a family member or partner’s behavior and their access to firearms, an ERPO might be for you. An ERPO is a petition to the courts to temporarily remove guns from an individual who is deemed to be at risk of hurting themselves or others, allowing that individual to stay safe in times of crisis. 

The following people are eligible to file an ERPO

  • Family members of the individual in question, including if the individual is someone with whom you share children

  • Current or former dating partners

  • Household members

  • Law enforcement officers

If you do not think that you are eligible to file an ERPO based on this list but are concerned for someone you know, please contact your local law enforcement as they may be able to file a petition.


To file an ERPO, there are 3 forms that must be completed and submitted to the district court in the area where the individual you are concerned about lives. If it is after business hours or you are unable to go to the court, you can go to your local police station to ask for assistance. These forms are available for download further down the page.


It is helpful when filling out the forms to provide as much information about the individual’s behavior that leads you to believe they are at risk as you can and as much information about their firearms as possible.

If you are in immediate danger, please call 911. If you have questions about the process of obtaining an ERPO, or whether this is the right option for you, we also recommend contacting your local police department for assistance.

ERPO Forms

The following forms can be downloaded and printed out. After filling them out bring them to your local district court or police station. To download, right click and choose "save link as"

ERPO Fact Sheet

An ERPO fact sheet is available for download below. Please feel free to share this resource. To download, right click and choose "save link as"